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Medicaid Planning

You've spent a lifetime working hard, saving and acquiring your assets and belongings, now only to face losing it all or having to spend it on health care and nursing home costs.

But it doesn't have to be that way....

Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefits
Planning & Assistance

Are you a veteran or the widow of a veteran? You could be entitled to a tax free pension from the Veterans Administration. 

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has a little known tax free pension available to help qualified veterans, spouses and their surviving spouses pay for home health care, assistance living or nursing home care.

Social Security Benefits

For many retirees, Social Security can play a pivotal role in ensuring some peace of mind in their overall retirement income during what is supposed to be their golden years.


Making the best decision about when to apply for Social Security can be a    difficult decision. Making the right decision can potentially make a significant difference in the standard of living in retirement.



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 The American Academy of Benefit Planners is not a government agency or a part of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

We are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Social Security Administration or any government agency.

American Academy of Benefit Planners has not been recognized by the VA for purposes of preparing, presenting and prosecuting claims for VA benefits. The American Academy of Benefit Planners retains VA Accredited Attorneys and Law Firms for all claims filing.  


We make the complex simple.


Successfully accessing your government benefits can often be a complex and confusing experience. The American Academy of Benefit Planners is a team of professionals committed to gaining and sharing the technical expertise needed to assist veterans, their families, seniors and future retirees in ethically and responsibly accessing their government benefits.


Our professional members make the complex process of accessing your government benefits simple. Our seasoned team has a mastery of the technical aspects of government benefits combined with a practical “know-how” and get it done approach.


Our members are trained with the expertise to offer solutions for a comprehensive retirement and long-term care plan including Medicaid and Social Security planning.  We have a long and proven track record of assisting, informing, and guiding veterans and their spouses in submitting a “Fully Developed Aid & Attendance claim”.