Social Security Benefits



Important features of Social Security Benefits:

  • Unlike most savings and retirement plans payments will continue for as long as you live and if married, will pass on to your surviving spouse in the event of your death (Spouse receives the greater amount of your benefit or their own)

  • It is adjusted annually to keep up with inflation

  • It is tax-advantaged. Some people pay no taxes and at worst only 85% is taxable as ordinary income








For many retirees, Social Security can play a pivotal role in

ensuring someduring what is supposed to be their golden years. 

Making the best decision about when to apply for Social Security

can be a difficult decision. Making the right decision can  potentially make a significant difference in our income and

standard of living in retirement.

How do I Maximize My Social Security Benefits?

The problem is: “Social Security is enormously complex. Making wrong decisions could cost you tens of thousands of extra retirement dollars.”

Because of the complexity, there are many important individual

decisions that need to be made to choose the best option for you.

For single people a simple “break-even” analysis could determine

whether to start benefits early or wait. In theory, if you start early,

you will get a smaller benefit for a longer period of time.

If you start later, you will get a larger benefit for a shorter period

of  time. However, for married couples, the decision is much

more complex.

Social Security offers three distinct benefits for married people:

Retired Worker Benefit:  Based on your own earnings record

Spousal Benefit:  Provides your spouse with a benefit once you claim your own benefit

Survivor Benefit:  Provides your spouse with a benefit after your death

Choosing the right Social Security election may be the one of the most important decision of your retirement. In order to make sure you get the most out of your benefits, you should have a solid grasp on this complex matter. It can be very advantageous to work with a trained professional who can help guide you through this process and ensure your strategy is suitable for your unique situation.

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